Seminar Series

Each year, IDEAS students invite a speaker to the Odum School of Ecology, co-hosted by the Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases.

People are sitting in seats in a classroom and listening to a speaker present their research. A screen with a picture of a bat is at the center of the photo.

October 2019

IDEAS Student Invited Speaker: Cara Brook, PhD, Miller Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Integrative Biology and Department of Plant and Microbiology, UC Berkeley

Seminar: Understanding Bats as Reservoirs for Emerging Viral Zoonoses

Dr. Brook’s research investigates ecological and evolutionary questions in the bat-virus system, exploring the mechanisms enabling bat virus persistence at the population level, as well as the impacts of unique bat immune strategies on the probability of between-host viral transmission and the evolution of within-host viral virulence.