Direct Track


IDEAS students in the Direct Track receive a PhD in Ecology from the Odum School of Ecology. These students must complete the regular program of study for the Ecology degree and the IDEAS required courses (see below).

Internal Track


IDEAS students admitted through the Internal Track will receive a PhD in their home departments at UGA. These students must complete the regular program of study for their chosen degree and the IDEAS-required courses (see below).

IDEAS Course Requirements


  • ECOL(BIOL) 4150/6150 – Population Biology of Infectious Diseases (4 credit hours)
  • ECOL(IDIS) 8510 – Fundamentals of Disease Biology I (4)
  • ECOL 8530 – IDEAS Capstone (3)
  • ECOL 8540 – Computational Workshops (2)
  • GRSC 8550 – Responsible Conduct of Research (1)
  • Journal Club (2 courses)
  • Elective – Technical coursework (3)



To see examples of how students can complete IDEAS coursework along with their departmental requirements, click on the roadmaps.

For more information, visit the Curriculum page and the Program of Study overview document.



IDEAS students are required to take an 8000-level Technical Course and complete two (2) Journal Clubs. Course selections are made in consultation with a student's co-mentors and advisory committee. Examples are given below and a list of currently approved courses is available through the IDEAS program office. Other courses may also satisfy this requirement with approval of the IDEAS Steering Committee and the student’s co-mentors.

Technical Course examples  (choose one)


  • EPID(BIOS) 8060 – Modern Applied Data Analysis
  • EPID 8500 – Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • EPID(ECOL)(IDIS) 8515 – Modeling Infectious Disease
  • FANR 8400-8400L – Advanced Spatial Analysis for Natural Resources
  • IDIS 8080L – Advanced Molecular Techniques
  • POPH(IDIS)(MIBO) 8200 – Molecular Virology and Experimental Design
  • MIBO 8900 – Research Techniques in Microbiology
  • STAT 8060 – Computing Techniques in Statistics I
  • STAT 8070 – Computing Techniques in Statistics II
  • BIOS(STAT) 8140 – Multilevel and Hierarchal Models
  • ECOL 8910 – Perspectives on Computational Ecology


Journal Club examples (choose two)


  • IDIS(ECOL) 8240 – Vector-borne Diseases in a Changing World
  • IDIS 8260: Global Perspectives on Tropical and Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • IDIS 8050: Special Topics in Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases
  • IDIS 8540: Special Topics in Bacterial Pathogenesis
  • IDIS 8550: Special Topics in Immunology
  • IDIS 8250: Special Topics in Parasitology
  • IDIS 8590: Special Topics on Diseases Intervention
  • IDIS 8160: Seminar in Infectious Diseases
  • POPH 8230: Special Topics in Population Health
  • POPH 8580: Current Topics in Wildlife Health


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