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In conjunction with UGA's Career Center, IDEAS offers a variety career services tailored to the needs of graduate science students. The success of these services depends upon industry involvement so that our trainees remain competitive. That is why IDEAS developed an extensive list of possible employers, from industries ranging from STEM public relations to NGO's.


For personalized assistance, please contact our IDEAS Project Specialist.

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Personalized Assistance


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  • Soft Skill Identification

    Soft skills are things like, communication abilities, interpersonal skills, social intelligence, personal habits, and leadership traits. Employers are keenly interested in individuals who not only possess competitive technical skills, but the capacity to effectively communicate ideas and competently lead others.


    Our assessment (IDEAS uses MyIDP, detailed to the right) identifies a trainee's strengths and areas that require development (along with the tools to better cultivate them) so that she can confidently articulate and actualize those skills in a professional setting with confidence.

  • Interest Groups

    All students participate in faculty-led interest groups which pair a small group of IDEAS trainees with two participating faculty members providing a forum for small group discussion of academic and professional issues. Interest groups foster discussion on a range of issues related to research practices, career issues and opportunities, and interdisciplinary approaches.

  • Career Brainstorming

    Love science, but are unsure about all of your available career options? Our office provides structured opportunities for students to discuss how their particular STEM interest intersects with a range of career options.

  • Informational Interviews and Externships

    Explore various career paths before making the commitment of a lengthy internship. Job shadowing, or "externship", is an excellent opportunity in which trainees candidly interview industry experts while immersing themselves in the daily operations of a potential career.


    Commitments last no longer than one business day.

  • CV/Cover Letter Guidance, Interview Prep, and Online Reputation Management

    Receive targeted assistance on interview materials. These appointments can be made through the University's Career Center or with the IDEAS Program Coordinator.

Pathway Professional Competency Series

Engage industry scientists on topics that concern your career development.


Every full term, IDEAS welcomes leaders actively working in various sectors of the science industry to lead informal workshops on a range of topics that would concern any burgeoning scientist. Hear their perspective on subjects varying from the importance of a curated online professional presence to navigating intellectual property issues.

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