The IDEAS program hosts ongoing data clinics as a means of reinforcing the formal computational training elements of the program. Data clinics provide a forum for students and a qualified postdoc to discuss pressing data issues students are facing and to explore novel techniques and approaches to resolve these issues in an informal environment that builds computational independence.


Our first data clinic of 2017 will be run by Ana Bento, our resident IDEAS Data Clinic Instructor. Ana recently sat down with IDEAS Program Coordinator, Abigail Butcher, to discuss the upcoming data clinic, her role, and what students can expect from this learning experience. That interview can be found here.


Data Clinic 2017

Friday, August 18-Saturday 19, 2017 | 8:00AM-5:00PM

Odum School of Ecology | Computer Lab 29


This 2-day data clinic is geared toward students with little to no programming experience. This course will be introductory, student-centered active learning. It will cover the basics, followed by hands on computing exercises. At the end students should be able to write their own scripts. They will be able to share their scripts with others to encourage reproducible science.


To attend our upcoming data clinic (August 18-19, 2017) please complete the registration form here. Space is limited, so enroll at your earliest convenience.


For general inquiries, please contact Ana Bento. For assistance regarding registration, please contact IDEAS.

Preparatory Resources (optional, yet very helpful):



Data Clinics

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