Current Trainees

Kaylee Arnold

Interests: understanding the effects of anthropogenic stressors on gut microbiomes and how landscape changes affect pathogen transmission between animals


Previous Education: B.S. in Biology from the University of Redlands (Southern California), 2013; M.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University, 2016


Advisors: Nicole Gottdenker and Michael Strand  /  Program: Ecology



Deven Gokhale

Interests: incorporating pathogen interactions within epidemic models to study their effect on the population dynamics of co-circulation and long term persistence.


Advisor: Pejman Rohani    /  Program: Ecology



Alex Lee

Interests: parasitology and community ecology, especially how parasite-host interactions affects the host's ecological relationships with other species.


Previous Education: B.S. Evolution and Ecology from UC Davis


Why IDEAS?: The rich combination of interdisciplinary researchers and resources drew me to IDEAS.


Advisors: Jeb Byers and Michael Yabsley  /  Program: Ecology



Paige Miller

Interests: integrating ecological, epidemiological, and dynamical systems theory to improve our ability to probe signals of tipping points in real data


Previous Education: B.S. Mathematics and Biology from Gustavus Adolphus College


Why IDEAS?: I was drawn to the IDEAS program because of the emphasis on preparation for government and industry career paths.


Advisors: John Drake and Chris Whalen   /  Program: Ecology



Mike Newberry

Interests: observing the interactions between mosquito vectors and the environment, investigating the microbiome of mosquitoes, and determining implications for disease transmission


Previous Education: BS Emory University in Biology and Environmental Studies


Advisors: Courtney Murdock and Mike Strand    /  Program: Ecology



Nikki Solano

Interests: Understanding the effects of abiotic and biotic factors on mosquito traits that are important for disease transmission through empirical and experimental studies in order to improve mathematical models.


Previous Education: B.A. in Dance from Agnes Scott College


Why IDEAS?: There simply wasn't another program that aligned this well with my personal and career goals (professional development, science communication, interdisciplinary collaborations, and quantitative skills).


Advisors: John Drake and Courtney Murdock  /  Program: Ecology



David Vasquez

Interests: incorporating aspects of ecoimmunology, animal behavior, ecophysiology, co-infection dynamics, and network theory in my dissertation research.


Previous Education: B.S. in Biological Sciences from Virginia Tech in, 2015; Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program at the University of Missouri; Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU participant, 2014


Why IDEAS?: When IDEAS launched, I discovered that there wasn’t another program in the country that could compete with it. With IDEAS, I am most excited to participate in an internship that will utilize the skills I have acquired on campus in a real world environment.


Advisors: Vanessa Ezenwa and Andrew Park  /  Program: Ecology



Joy Vaz

Interests: Studying patterns of disease emergence, zoonosis, and spillover


Previous Education: BS in Biochemistry from Calvin College, MI


Advisors: John Drake and Christopher Whalen   /  Program: Ecology



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