Application Process

All prospective IDEAS students must apply for admission to the Odum School of Ecology by submitting an application through the UGA Graduate School.

Admissions Materials

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  • Statement of Purpose

    Compose a brief research statement (one page, single-spaced) describing your graduate educational and research goals. This statement should identify your general area(s) of interest, articulate the fundamental concepts that underlie those interests, outline potential research problems, and specify your career objectives. Include in your research statement your purpose for pursuing a graduate degree. Your statement should be well-organized and concise, demonstrating your ability to articulate important problems in your discipline.


    Please note: Be sure to list your desired faculty mentors prominently on your STATEMENT OF PURPOSE at the very top of the page.

  • Supplemental Essay

    Discuss your motivation for applying to the IDEAS program. The essay should describe how your background has prepared you for IDEAS training, and how the program aligns with your future research and career goals. Please limit your response to no more than 500 words.


    Please note: Both essays should included as a single document, which is to be uploaded onto page four (4) of the UGA graduate application.

  • Letters of Recommendation

    IMPORTANT: Electronic requests for letters of support do NOT go out to your designated recommenders until AFTER you submit your UGA graduate school application in its entirety.


    Since all materials are due to the IDEAS program by December 1, 2016, it is critical that you complete your application in a timely fashion (i.e., well before December 1) so that your recommenders have a reasonable amount of time to compose and submit a letter of support on your behalf by the stipulated deadline.

Step 1: Identify three to five (3-5) faculty members whom you might be interested in working with regarding your area of research. Those individuals must be in different scales of organization. We strongly encourage you to contact faculty that you are interested in before submitting an application. (Program acceptance is contingent upon an applicant securing two prospective faculty mentors.) Information on faculty mentors who are accepting IDEAS students can be found here.


  • Once your faculty selections have been made, those individuals must be prominently listed on your STATEMENT OF PURPOSE at the top of the page (see ADMISSIONS MATERIALS SECTION).


Step 2: Select IDEAS as your program of choice on page three (3) of the UGA graduate application.










Step 3: Compose and submit the required admissions essays and general UGA application (see ADMISSIONS MATERIALS SECTION).


Post Submission

Applicants are welcome to review their submitted materials, check on the receipt of transcripts and test scores, read letters of recommendation, and/or receive notifications from the IDEAS coordinator here.

For consideration by the IDEAS program, the application and all the supporting documents (i.e., the 3 letters of recommendation, GRE test scores, etc.) should be submitted by December 1, 2016.  The IDEAS Graduate Admissions Committee meets in early-December to review completed applications and to select highly qualified applicants for on-campus interviews.

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